Workshop on EU Foreign Policy

47971184642_068ccb898b_zI am currently co-editing a book on the contestation of EU Foreign Policy with Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Esther Barbé as part of the EU-NormCon research project (Normative contestation in Europe: Implications for the EU in a changing global order). In the book we look at a number of cases in which the norms, which guide the EU´s foreign policy are contested by internal and external actors. To give an example, my chapter will look at the contestation of transparency as a norm in natural resource governance.

On May 31, 2019 we had a workshop in Barcelona, at IBEI, to bring all the authors together. Pol Morillas (CIDOB), Madeleine Hosli (Leiden University), and Patrick Müller (University of Vienna) were so kind to discuss the chapters and give the editors and authors very useful feedback.

Pictures of the workshop