Workshop on EU Foreign Policy

I am currently co-editing a book on the contestation of EU Foreign Policy with Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Esther Barbé as part of the EU-NormCon research project (Normative contestation in Europe: Implications for the EU in a changing global order). In the book we look at a number of cases in which the norms, which guide the EU´s foreign policy are contested by internal and external actors. To … Continue reading Workshop on EU Foreign Policy

COEUS Research Project: Perceptions, Ideas and Preferences about Conflict Termination

Several armed conflicts in Europe’s immediate neighborhood, uncontrolled migration from/through zones of instability and jihadist terrorism have called new attention to the European Union’s (EU) crisis response policies. The 2016 EU Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy stated that “internal and external security are ever more intertwined: our security at home depends on peace beyond our borders” (page 7). The research project COEUS explores … Continue reading COEUS Research Project: Perceptions, Ideas and Preferences about Conflict Termination

Recent Publications

“The European Union and natural resources that fund armed conflicts: Explaining the EU’s policy choice for supply chain due-diligence requirements” (Cooperation and Conflict, 2018, online first) Natural resources can be an important source of funding for warring parties in armed conflicts. Curbing the trade in these so-called conflict resources is, therefore, part of the European Union’s conflict management policies. The article explores the EU’s policies … Continue reading Recent Publications

Teaching 2018/19

FIRST SEMESTER: CIVIL WARS In this class we will undertake an in-depth and overarching examination of the literature on domestic armed conflict. We will try to understand the causes of civil wars, their dynamics and characteristics, and their consequences. We will start by defining civil war and discussing why should we study it as a distinct phenomenon from other forms of political violence and/or international … Continue reading Teaching 2018/19

Ongoing Research

WORK IN PROGRESS Accepted Book Proposals “European Union Contested: Foreign and Security Policy in a Changing World” (with Esther Barbé and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués) “Violencia Política” (Political Violence), (co-edited with Lesley-Ann Daniels), Madrid: Tecnos.  Under Review  “Does the Prospect of International Recognition Influence Support for Secession? A Survey Experiment in Catalonia and Scotland” (with Diego Muro and Guillem Vidal) “How Well Are Internal Migrants Represented in … Continue reading Ongoing Research