Martijn’s current research project GLONEXACO (The Global-Local Nexus of Armed Conflicts: The interlinkages between natural resource-fuelled armed conflicts and the EU’s raw materials supply) is funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie action of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework programme.

GLONEXACO is coordinated by the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) and conducted in collaboration with the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence (OCV) at Yale University. Martijn’s supervisor at IBEI is Professor Esther Barbé Izuel and his mentor at Yale Professor Stathis N. Kalyvas. The project takes three years (2015-2018), of which Martijn will spend the first two years at Yale and the third year at IBEI.

By merging methods of Economic Geography and Conflict Studies, GLONEXACO scrutinises the relationships between local armed conflicts and global market dynamics in the case of natural resource trade. The objective of this research project is to study this illicit trade and to suggest policy options that help to ensure a safe and responsible supply of raw materials for Europe’s industry.

In order to carry out this study, GLONEXACO brings together two different research fields. On the one hand, GLONEXACO incorporates the concept of Global Production Networks (GPN) from the field of Economic Geography to map international trade streams and the role of the involved state and non-state actors. On the other hand GLONEXACO uses elements of conflict studies and looks on the micro-dynamics of civil wars to study the local implications of this trade.