TEACHING (2021/22)

IBEI (MA in “International Relations”,  “International Security” and “International Development”)

ESADE (“Global Governance, Economics, and Legal Order”, “Law and Global Governance”)

  • Natural Resources and Geopolitics


I can be contacted for PhD and MA supervision in all areas related to my research interests.


I have designed some simulations for my courses. The students play different actors with their individual set of powers and objectives. My aim in these simulations is that the students experience first-hand the considerations of “their” actors and the limitations they face. I have designed (in some cases with colleagues) the following simulations:

  • Civil War in Jamhuri (Civil Wars course)
  • 2008 Crisis in Zimbabwe (International Relations course)
  • 2002 Peace Talks in Sudan (Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts course)
  • The design of the 1979 Spanish constitution (Comparative Politics course)

Professors who are interested in these teaching simulations for their own courses can contact me.